MIAMI, Sept. 10. 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Mayor Luigi Boria, in company of the Council Board, awarded Ideal Cargo Services for being one of the oldest Freight Forwarder companies in the county on their 37th year Anniversary. Ideal Cargo Services INC. was founded in September 1978, specializing in international trade and logistics, transporting American goods all-over the world.


Mayor Luigi Boria emphasized the importance of Doral as a business epicenter that hosts many of the key companies in logistics and commercial exchange increasing Florida’s international commerce. The Mayor congratulated Ideal Cargo Services for being an example of constant hard work and professional business ethics for the past 37 years.

Rossana Cahuaya-Aguilera, President of the company said, “I am excited that we successfully served our customers for one more year. Ideal Cargo is strongly committed to achieving the highest efficiency in logistics. As a result of our effort and years of experience, the final cost of goods is minimized when the products reach the end consumer. By doing this we are supporting the economic growth of our customers, consumers and countries we serve.”