In IDEAL CARGO our objective is to achieve the highest logistic efficiency in the transport of your cargo from the point where it is originated to the moment it reaches its final destination, procuring at all times to generate a minimum impact over the final cost of the products involved, and making them available to our clients or end consumers just in time.


Thanks to over 40 years of experience we have been able to position ourselves as one of the leader companies in Florida in the freight forwarder market; with IDEAL CARGO, you will have access to advantageous world fees, which are the result of strategic alliances which we have consolidated with the most important transport agencies through time. We warrant the highest efficacy in customs procedures in all ports and airports we operate in, because we thoroughly know such procedures.

Ideal Cargo is your operations center where we manage the whole logistics operation of your business or store. Have your purchases arrive at our warehouses, where we will do the proper packaging, labeling and dispatching of it to its final destination. Use our “Magaya® Live Track” system twenty four hours a day, seven days a week so you can monitor in real time, the status of your inventory, warehouse receptions, shipping, sales orders, purchase orders, cargo deliveries, Invoices and more.
Our air cargo service is adaptable to your needs, choose from a wide assortment of global options such as door-to-door, and door-to-airport in the main cities of the world with optimum delivery times.
We consolidate and transport your cargo under the Full-Container-Load option or under the Less-(than one) Container-Load (LCL), from and to any part of the world with highly competitive fees.
In Ideal Cargo we move your cargo door-to-door throughout North America (United States, Canada and Mexico) either under the (LTL) or (FTL) modes. Our specialists can also provide intermodal solutions (involving rail, ship, and truck and any combination of them) according to your needs.
In Ideal Cargo we are experts in International logistics, we will search for the best solution so you can enjoy the advantage of fast air shipping and the savings of sea transportation, with the purpose of optimizing costs and delivery times.
You can rely on the knowledge and experience of our customs agents; we take care of the whole legal process so your merchandise crosses the borders seamlessly and just in time.
Critical Cargo and Special Projects.

When time is of the essence, at Ideal Cargo we provide different options: Shipping on the next flight available to most cities in the world, or chartered flights for your cargo, or perhaps non-stop ground door-to-door transportation, in short, all you may need so your cargo arrives when you want.

In the case of special Projects, and based on a careful analysis of your business needs, at IDEAL CARGO we are capable of designing, implementing and administer integral solutions for the transport of special or dangerous materials, industrial projects, over- dimensioned cargo with non-conventional shapes and weights among others.